What the Experts are Saying about Pull Ups:

Exercise physiologists all agree that if you’re exercising at home, you need to consider adding chin-ups to your routine. This one exercise alone brings more muscle groups into play than any other single movement. If you desire a V-shaped appearance, this exercise is crucial for obtaining your goal. Just take a look at the number one home exercise program, P90X. A lot of research went into the development of this program and the pull up was chosen to be one of the primary exercises.

Which Pull-up equipment should you buy?

  • Doorway Pull-Up Bars – If you’re on a budget and want to save a little money, doorway chin-up bars are a great choice. The most popular of these are constructed with a cantilever design which allows you to easily place the bar in the door frame without any screws or tools. However, there are a few disadvantages as they tend to leave marks on the door frame itself. They also limit your range of motion which can prevent maximum muscle development. Using this is really a great idea because it will not just build muscle, it will help your body fit and healthy that can make you stay away with illness.
  • Free-Standing – If you have the room, the best choice is a free-standing chin-up bar. There are many advantages to free-standing pull-up bars, one being that they allow you to have full range of motion with your movements, which is extremely crucial for overall muscle development. Another advantage is that they won’t tear up your home. Some of them tend to be more versatile than others and permit you to work your entire body including your back, biceps, triceps, chest, abs, calf muscles, and more. They are a little more expensive than doorway chin-up bars but well worth the investment. checkout latest news at
  • Wall-Mounted – Wall-mounted pull-up bars are for the hardcore exercise enthusiast. Most people install wall-mounted bars either in their garages or in their workout rooms. Once installed, they become a permanent fixture. They’re not as versatile as the free-standing equipment, but they are as durable, allow you to vary your grip, and save a tremendous amount of space. With this kind of equipment, it can also make easier for you to do exercise every time you wanted to.

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There are many other types of pull-up equipment you could choose. Some pull up bars are more expensive than others but If you think about how much it costs for gym memberships, the money you pay for the equipment will pay for itself very quickly. There is lots of exercise equipment that can help people building a great muscle structure. Making proud of yourself seeing how healthy you are with your body. Getting a pull-up bar and other exercise equipment is important for your health and your appearance.

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